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Personal Trainer Certification (CPT)

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  1. ISSA is the most accredited – Your training will meet the highest standards, be widely recognised, and put you ahead of the competition to get a job or start your own business.

  3. ISSA are the best rated and reviewed – Others who have gone before you can attest to the quality of the course and have taken the time to voice their satisfaction, thus reinforcing that the ISSA certification will take you to the top of your game.

  5. ISSA are the fastest growing – The word is spreading that this is the personal training certification that yields the best results. The best time to get started is always now.


Online self-paced content

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Taught by industry leaders

Exclusive modules you won’t find elsewhere

Obtain 4 Certificates!
        · ISSA Personal Trainer Certification
      · HMA Coaching with Purpose ( 23 Sept via Zoom)
      · HMA Fiscal Fitness
      · HMA Practical Preparation 

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  In-depth practical sessions

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2 years validity 

$888 (online + practical component)*
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$688 (online  only)*
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What will I gain from ISSA's Personal Trainer Certification Course?

You’ll receive invaluable knowledge based on the latest in exercise science and health and fitness research. We regularly review our resources and apply it in real-life situations to ensure our trainers receive the most up-to-date information in the industry. With your newly acquired in-depth knowledge, you will have the confidence to:


  • Provide current or future clients with customized training programs based on their individual health and fitness goals. Go beyond “workout more” and “eat healthier” and give clients the true answer to their real needs.
  • Understand the body’s muscle and skeletal structure and how it responds to exercise and movements. By the time you’re done with our exam, musculoskeletal and musculature will be a natural part of your vocabulary.
  • Assess clients’ unique body structure and how it reacts to movement. Then, you can effectively communicate that to your client and provide personal direction so they can see real long-lasting results.
  • Instruct clients on the importance of a healthy lifestyle in addition to a regular workout program. Share real and detailed outcomes of how diet and exercise work together to transform people’s lives.
  • Apply the principles of human motivation and learn how to make client fitness goals a reality!

Tailored Study Options


Study your way at your convenience

Everything you need to learn is all online in text, audio, and visual formats. Whether you need to study on-the-go in between a busy schedule, or quietly in the comfort of your own home, you can learn in a way that best suits your needs.


Live webinars, workshops and support

Our highly qualified team will guide you in a series of live webinars, workshops, and Q&A sessions to reinforce the online material to cement your knowledge and understanding of the course material. By combining the theory and applying it in practice, you receive the clarity and confidence you need to hit the ground running and succeed.


Certified at home

Take the final exam from home – no need to go to a testing centre. Eliminate the hassle and stress of travelling to a testing centre and testing in a unfamiliar environment. Complete the test in a comfortable and familiar place where you can perform your best on the exam.



Your Learning Arsenal


“Foundations and Applications for a Certified Personal Trainer” is a 796 page book that includes everything you need to earn your Personal Trainer Certification. Our course material is regularly audited to ensure it includes the latest information in exercise science. We even provide audio lectures for convenient, on-the-go study options.

Table of Contents

• The History of Personal Training
• The Future of Personal Training and Fitness
• ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Code of Ethnics

• Behavior Change
• Stages of Change
• Processess of Change
• Motivational Theories and Applications
• Motivational Interviewing
• Blending SDT and MI
• Setting Goals That Motivate Behavior
• Scope of Practice

• The Nervous System
• The Muscular System
• The Skeletal System
• Joints in the Human Body

• The Circulatory System
• The Lymphatic System
• The Respiratory System
• The Endocrine System
• The Digestive System
• The Integumentary System

• Anatomical Reference Terms
• Balance, Equilibrium, and Stability
• The Laws of Motion
• Friction
• Levers
• Torque
• Muscles as Movers

• Cells
• Food as Energy
• Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)
• Anaerobic Energy Production
• Aerobic Energy Production
• Metabolism and Energy Balance

• Subjective Assessments
• Objective Assessments
• Body Composition Assessments
• Cardiorespiratory Fitness Assessments
• VO2 Max Norms
• Muscular Strength and Muscular Endurance Assessments
• Movement and Posture Assessments
• Posture and Movement Assessments
• Interpreting Findings

• The Warm-up
• Flexibility Training 
• Core Training 
• Balance Training 
• Reactive Training 
• Resistance Training 
• Cardiorespiratory Training 
• The Cooldown

• Acute Variables of Fitness 
• The Principles of Fitness
• Periodization 
• Overreaching and Overtraining 
• Training Categories and the Elements of a Fitness Program

• Methods of Flexibility Training 
• Flexibility and the Principle of Specificity 
• Acute Variables for Flexibility 
• Dynamic Stretching 
• Pre-Contraction Stretching 
• Static Stretching 
• Flexibility and Special Populations 
• Self-Myofascial Release

• Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercise
• Cardiovascular Training Principles 
• Modifying Acute Training Variables 
• Measures of Cardiorespiratory Fitness 
• Warm-Up and Cooldown 
• Physiological Adaptations to Aerobic Exercise 
• Modes of Cardiovascular Exercise 
• Environmental Influences on Activity 

• Benefits of Strength Training 
• Classifying Strength 
• Strength Curve 
• Strength Training and Training Principles 
• Physiological Adaptations to Anaerobic Exercise 
• Modifying the Acute Training Variables 
• Resistance Equipment 
• Comparing Free Weights and Weight Machines 
• Body Weight Exercise 
• Rep and Set Schemes 
• Sample Strength Training Workouts

• Common Exercise Injuries and Injury Prevention 
• Key Communication Principles 
• Cueing 
• Movement Categories 
• Exercise Categories

• Macronutrients
• Water 
• Micronutrients 
• Dietary Guidelines and MyPlate 
• Understanding Food Labels
• Common Diet Trends 
• Portion Sizes

• What Is a Dietary Supplement? 
• Nutritional Supplements 
• Performance Supplements
• Ergogenic Aids 
• Botanical Supplements

• Exercise and Hypertension 
• Exercise and Diabetes 
• Exercise and Arthritis 
• Exercise and Coronary Heart Disease 
• Exercise and Asthma

• Exercise and Youth 
• Exercise and Older Adults 
• Exercise and Pregnancy 
• Exercise and Adaptive Fitness

• Styles of Personal Training 
• Starting a Personal Training Business 
• Marketing a Business 
• The Client Life Cycle 
• The Importance of Client Retention 
• Managing a Personal Training Business 
• Personal Training Best Practices: Advice from Seasoned Fitness Professionals 
• Code of Ethics

• Own the Fitness Floor 
• CPR Certification 
• Injury Prevention 
• Emergency Equipment and Protocols 
• When to Call Emergency Services



About the Author

Dr. Frederick C. Hatfield, MSS, PhD

Frederick C. Hatfield, Ph.D., is Co-founder of the ISSA. Dr. Hatfield won the World Championships three times in the sport of powerlifting, and in 1986, performed a competitive squat with 1014 pounds at a body weight of 255 pounds (more weight than anyone in history had ever lifted in competition).

Dr. Hatfield’s former positions include an assistant professorship at the University of Wisconsin (Madison) and Senior Vice President and Director of Research and Development for Weider Health and Fitness, Incorporated. Dr. Hatfield was honored by Southern Connecticut State University when they presented him with the 1991 Alumni Citation Award. In June of 2000, Dr. Hatfield was inducted into the Powerlifting Hall of Fame, located in York, PA. Then, in 2012 he was inducted into the Connecticut Powerlifting Hall of Fame. In 2015 he was inducted into the Fitness Hall of Fame. Dr. Hatfield competed in the Master’s Division in the 1998 World Championships in Olympic Weightlifting.

He has written over 100 books (including several best-sellers) and hundreds of articles in the general areas of sports training, fitness, bodybuilding, and performance nutrition. He has been coach and training consultant to several world-ranked and professional athletes, sports governing bodies, and professional teams worldwide. He is known around the world as “Dr. Squat”.

Online Practice Exams and Quizzes

Prepare for your final exam as you study! Take practice exams and chapter quizzes to ensure you’re ready to pass the final exam and earn your personal trainer certification. These practice exams and quizzes will not affect your final score, they are just here to help you pass and earn your certification with flying colours!


Audio and Video Lecture Options

Are you more of an auditory or visual learner? We’ve got you covered. ISSA provides course lectures as audio and video files for students looking for additional study options, or are just simply looking for an extra resource to compliment their reading.

Online Study Guide and Workbook

Our handy online reference guide walks you through the certification course chapter-by-chapter, allowing you to gain the knowledge you need to pass the final exam. Online Exercise Demonstration Center Because our courses are completely online, we still want to provide you with the examples you need for real life hands-on training. That’s why ISSA and Hyperstrike have created an exclusive online exercise demo center with over 250 animated exercises. Each demo includes a 3D animation with three different angles to ensure that proper form and technique are a breeze!

Fast Track accelerated exam preparation – Fast Track is like your ‘answer key’ to pass the exam. Study fast, get certified and start your new career.

Pass Protection of unlimited free retests – Take it ’til you make it. Unlimited retests and unlimited study help.

Online Student Forum

Our exclusive online ISSA trainer forum is where you can turn to for advice from ISSA Master Trainers. Post personal, client, or business questions and receive guidance from our on-staff personal training experts and the worldwide ISSA community.


ISSA Take Home Personal Trainer Certification Exam

The ISSA Personal Trainer Certification Exam solidifies you as a recognized expert in personal training. Complete the CPT final exam digitally through our secure online portal. This is an open-book book exam, with multiple choice questions, and essay portions. Plus, you’ll receive one free retake if you don’t pass the first time (but, with our study materials – you’ll have everything you need to pass!).

In helping you determine your future goals as a Certified Personal Trainer professional, ISSA and NCPT offers two options.


CPT Education Bootcamp – Live Webinars, Available On-Demand Afterward

ISSA’s CPT Bootcamp provides you with the ultimate guide to studying, understanding, and passing your course. Over the course of 5 weeks, you’ll receive direct access to ISSA’s CPT geniuses, take part in live study tutorials that deep-dive into specific concepts of the course, and find out exactly what you need to pass your final exam with flying colors – a $600 value that you’ll get included!


The New Trainer Guide to Success

The New Trainer Guide gives you insider tips and pro trainer hacks on everything you need to get started and how to be successful faster. It’s the perfect next step after passing your exam and helps you find a job, get clients and make money. Hit the ground running with the New Trainer Guide!


Fast Track Program

Fast Track is like your ‘answer key’ to pass the exam. Study fast, get certified and start your new career.


Get a FREE Professional Website

Every ISSA Certified Personal Trainer gets a free website to support their career online. Get five pages of professionally designed, easily customized, and fully hosted content – for free! Pick from a library of templates that let you put your best face forward and promote your personal training services to a wider range of potential clients.


Unlimited Support – Even After You’re Certified!

ISSA students, certified fitness trainers, and those just looking into a career as a certified personal trainer all receive unlimited support from our teams of dedicated advisers. Have questions about our courses? Study materials? Need help with a quiz? Or, are you looking for the best payment plan for you? Our on-staff experts can help guide you through whatever your needs may be. And, this support continues even after you earn your pass your personal trainer exam. They can even help if you’re looking for information about recertification, continuing education, or if you have an interest in a specialized certification – we’re here to assist you succeed in whatever health and fitness career you strive to achieve!



PLUS! Exclusive to Health & Movement Academy at no additional cost

This portion of the course is exclusively designed by Health & Movement Academy to give you an edge over all other fitness professionals. It delves deeper into the finer details of what it takes to succeed as a knowledgeable coach, effective communicator, inspiring motivator, and savvy business person – the all-round complete package!

MODULE 1: Coaching with Purpose

The Coaching with Purpose module is designed to arm you with the skill to have a system of communication based on proven principles. You will gain great understanding in applying key concepts such as:

  • Formulating intelligent and relevant questions
  • Methods and stages of listening
  • Best science-based communication strategies towards movement
  • Best strategies to build rapport and trust
  • Leadership and sales skills
  • Motivation and self-determination theory
  • Understanding behaviour and how to illicit change
  • Plus much more!

By focusing on specific coaching / communication delivery techniques, you will learn skills that will equip you to become a more influential and effective coach. You will feel confident and prepared to work with people from all ages and backgrounds, making them successful in their fitness journey. Coaching with Purpose will arm you with strategies to influence, retain, and sustain the frequency of your clients, as well as gain new clients. 

This module will be delivered via Zoom over 3 x 3 hour sessions, totalling 9 hours. You will receive over 15 hands-on worksheets to implement into your practise right away, a manual, and a certificate.


MODULE 2: Fiscal Fitness

This 2 hour module is designed to help you get started and grow your fitness business.

Designed by Eugenio Palmieri with over 8 years experience as multiple gym owner within the largest co-ed gym franchise in the world, this course will give you a great insight into what has worked for him.

You will learn successful marketing & business strategies that Eugenio has used in terms of:

  • Pricing strategies
  • Social media ads tools
  • Retention & acquisition techniques
  • Human resource management, KPI’s and tools


MODULE 3: Practical Preparation

The practical workshop is delivered over 2 weekends and contains over 30 hours of face-to-face learning which bridges the gap between theory and real life application in the gym setting. This module will cover:

  • Biomechanics of exercise
  • Musculoskeletal anatomy and physiology
  • Practical application of strength training utilising barbells, dumbells, machines and cables
  • Cardiovascular training
  • Functional exercises incorporating kettlebells, battle rope, and suspension training
  • Flexibility training, assessment, spotting, and best practices
  • Mobility and recovery strategies
  • Exercise prescription and programming
  • Preparation for exam


MODULE 4: Fortnightly Online Zoom Meetings

These regular sessions are designed in a question and answer format to allow the students to interact directly with our educators and the ask any questions they may have during their course of study.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is required to get my personal training certificate?

You must meet the following:

  • Submission of all course quizzes
  • A score of 75% or better on all sections of the final examination
  • Proof of current Adult CPR/AED certificate

Does ISSA offer the ability to take quizzes and exams online?

Yes, Online testing, for both quizzes and final exams, is the preferred testing method. Online testing saves you the hassle of organizing and photocopying your answer sheets, saves you from a trip to the post office, saves you postage for registered mail, and keeps track of your submissions in your Member Account. What’s more, online testing produces a much faster turn-around time for grading!

Is there an extra cost to pay it off early?

No. There are no penalties for paying it off early.

Can I get a printed copy of the textbook?

In addition to the free online version of the course textbooks, you can purchase printed copies of our most popular courses. Click here to look for your course and buy the book.

What do others think of ISSA’s CPT course?

Don’t simply take our word for the high quality and excellent standard of the course. Find out what others are saying by checking out the staggering number of positive Trust Pilot reviews at https://www.trustpilot.com/review/issaonline.com



Meet the Instructors

Eugenio Palmieri

Eugenio is an experienced entrepreneur and management consultant with over 20 years experience in entrepreneurship, business development and corporate management.

Through his extensive experience with global organisations in the fitness, financial, and manufacturing sectors he has helped numerous entrepreneurs and organisations streamline their operations, save costs and set growth strategies.

Eugenio has established one of the first Anytime Fitness clubs in Singapore. He is to date co-owning and operating three successful Anytime Fitness clubs in Singapore.

His qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of International Business And Management Studies - Rotterdam University, The Netherlands
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology - Latin American University of Leon, Mexico

Dr Jon Marshall (Osteopath)

Educational Background

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Complementary Medicine)
  • Masters of Osteopathy
  • Masters of Applied Science (Acupuncture)
  • Masters of Strength and Conditioning (Current)
  • Certification in Advanced Occupational Ergonomics, Colorado State University
  • Functional Manual Medicine, Michigan State University, USA (Current)

Fitness Certifications

  • Clinical Pilates (DMA)
  • Diploma in Contemporary Pilates
  • Level 1 Australian Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Certified Personal Trainer (American Council of Exercise)
  • Certified Personal Trainer (International Sports Sciences Association)
  • Master Trainer (International Sports Sciences Association)
  • Sports Performance Specialist (American Council of Exercise)
  • Functional Training Specialist (American Council of Exercise)
  • MMA Conditioning Specialist (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
  • Bio-Mechanics Method Level 1

Lecturing experience

  • RMIT University Lecturer (Chinese Medicine), Melbourne Australia
  • RMIT University Lecturer (Osteopathy), Melbourne Australia
  • International College of Osteopathy Lecturer (Osteopathy), Tokyo Japan
  • Founder, Course Director and Tutor of Manual Medicine Australasia


  • Australian Olympic Taekwondo Team Osteopath (Olympic Qualification Tournaments 2011, Azerberjian & New Caledonia; World Junior Championships, Egypt 2012; Olympic Qualification Tournament 2016, Turkey)
  • Founder of Back In Health Osteopathy Australia and Back In Health Osteopathy Singapore


Filipe Pereira

Filipe Pereira, PTA Global CPT, NASM CPT, ACE CPT, ASCA CSCS, TBBM L1, has worked in the fitness industry for over 18 years in Canada, Ireland, UK and Asia. He started his career in 2003 in London managing fitness teams, group class studios and rebranding from Holmes place to Virgin Active, worked in senior management roles in Fitness First Asia, supporting its growth and rebranding its image. He is currently delivering advanced coaching for fitness trainers and businesses as well as running Fortitude FPI Personal training studio in Portugal.

His certifications include:

  • BA in Fitness and Exercise Management by Open university London
  • Issa CPT (Portugal)
  • PTA Global CPT (Portugal)
  • NASM CPT (Ireland)
  • Australian Strength and Conditioning Association Level 1 (Singapore)
  • Active isolation stretching by Aaron Matts (Singapore)
  • Animal Flow L1 (Malaysia)
  • Rehab Express, Essentials and Master Class by Rehab Trainer (Australia)
  • The Bio Mechanic Methods Level 1 (USA)
  • EBFA L1 and 2 barefoot (Singapore)
  • Precision Nutrition L1 (Singapore)
  • Singapore Weight lifting federation L1 (Singapore)
  • British Weight lifting association (London)
  • Les Mills Trainer in RPM, Combat, Pump and Attack

Filipe has been delivering fitness education for the past 7 years to thousands of new and experienced fitness coaches around the world. Sharing knowledge and experience to best serve the fitness industry has been its true passion and purpose.

Sean Chin

Sean Chin has been in the fitness industry for over a decade.

Currently the Head of Sales and Marketing for multiple Anytime Fitness clubs, he is an individual who strongly believes in creativity and gamification. Together with his passion for fitness, his vision is to make fitness fun and enjoyable. Through HMA, Sean seeks to take the fitness industry to new heights with technology and his expertise. He lives by his quote: “What we fear doing is usually what we most need to do.”

His certifications include:

  • FISAF CPT (Singapore)
  • TRX certification (Singapore)
  • Kettlebell Certification (Singapore)
  • Muay Thai Certification (Singapore)
  • Crosscore 180 certification (Singapore)
  • Dip. in Multimedia Software Engineering (Singapore Polytechnic)
Sean was featured by Reuters for his experience as a personal trainer on tackling obesity in Singapore. 


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